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When people ask us what our business is all about, we tell them: "We help female athletes build confidence and elite performance."


"We work with the most amazing moms and their athlete daughters to build confidence, level-up performance, build resiliency, and greatly improve belief in themselves... all through the sports they love."

And what we really, really want to say is...


"We love our late night brainstorming sessions after our kids & husbands go to bed, we binge on energy and mindset work, and we continue to be inspired as one dream after another comes true in our lives as we follow our passions to give these young female athletes everything we wish we would have had at their age.

We started our business together with a dream to serve millions of young female athletes, enabling a generation of women to grow up with unshakeable confidence and belief in themselves. We know, absolutely, that these young women will change the world!

😍 That's why we do what we do!
😍 That's why we care so deeply!

Everything we do in our business is in service of inspiring and enabling you and your daughter."

Hi! πŸ‘‹ We're Kristina + Breanne.


As you've probably already guessed, helping female athletes develop unshakable and lasting confidence is our sweet spot. Creating magic through melding the tangible and intangible is our super power! ✨

We work with middle school, high school, and college aged female athletes who want to to cultivate true confidence, level up their performance, and unlock their potential across all aspects of their lives... starting with the sport they love!

We are sisters-in-law, female champions, and Elite Performance Coaches. We are so honored to be trusted experts and guides for so many female athletes and their families. We also have our own beautiful families who are the center of our world. πŸ’—

And yes, we have a ton in common, but also bring our own unique passions and experiences to our business. If you're curious, we'd love to each share a little more...

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Hi there! I'm Breanne.


I have 10 years of experience coaching thousands of female athletes, students, and young women here in our Elite Competitor community. I’ve worked to empower and enable female athletes (and their moms!) in many capacities - from established Division I female sports programs to Elite Competitor Program athletes to individual coaching and everything in between.

With a background in education (teacher at heart, here!) and high school coaching, and as a certified Positive Performance Mindset Coach, I have a unique perspective on enabling female athletes... from goal setting, affirmations & visualization, crushing limiting beliefs, shifting self-talk, overcoming mistakes, performing under pressure, letting go of perfectionism, managing stress, and becoming more resilient. And of course, developing deep and lasting confidence and believe in herself. Hint: it's typically not more hustle, hard work, or reps in the gym. πŸ˜‰

When I’m not coaching or providing tips, strategies, and trainings to our Community, you can find me trying to chase down my rowdy, fun, and brilliant 3 year old daughter Charlee and baby boy Grady, at the beach with my husband (rain or shine here in the PNW!), or on a Peloton/yoga mat/in a CrossFit gym (Yep... I can’t just stick to one thing!)

I can't wait to meet you!

Hey! Kristina here.


I've worked in the corporate world for 15 years, leading some pretty amazing teams, traveling the world, and coaching many teammates... while always being up to some sort of side biz too! (Some successful and some not so much! πŸ˜‰)

I have a Masters in Organizational Leadership and am a certified Integral Coach, and I thrive on helping women of all ages increase their belief in both themselves and what's possible in their lives. I love hearing stories from the women I'm coaching and those in our Elite Competitor community; they solidify my knowing that we are capable of building authentic confidence and living the most amazing lives... and that our programs work!

I'm also a total nerd for automation, program operations, and customer service... so you'll often find me behind the scenes making sure the backend of our business runs effectively!

And my biggest obsession and passion is being the mama to a laughing, loving toddler, our son Kaden. My husband and I love being his parents, and when we aren't trying to keep up with him we like to squeeze in a workout and time with our friends! πŸ’™

We're cheering for you, always!

Curious to know more? Here are 5 things we bet you don't know about each of us!


πŸƒπŸ»‍♀️ I once kept a New Year's Resolution for two years... run a themed, monthly 5K and then eat brunch with friends afterwards! Best New Year's Resolution ever!

πŸ” I grew up in a tiny mountain town at the base of Mt. Rainier and have always loved the outdoors, fresh air, and lush green forests. Breanne and I love dreaming of one day owning a family cabin for Kaden, Charlee, and all the cousins to enjoy together.

🏐 My high school volleyball team won the WA State Championships (with me being the tallest player at 5'9"!). I grew as a woman, teammate, and leader through sports and am really proud to continue supporting other young women.

πŸ“ˆ I started a business with a partner when I was 25 that grew to 10 retail locations, 50+ employees, and endless challenges and cool experiences... all while working my full time corporate job.

❀️ I met the Dalai Llama as a Senior in High School and today I know absolutely that feminism is for everyone, love is love, and black lives matter.


πŸͺ I love baking, but rarely do my treats turn out tasting good because I always try to tweak the recipe to make it “healthy”... and I never learn my lesson.

🏐 I played volleyball in college, and now coach at a local high school. I found my voice and learned how to be a powerful, strong female through sports and love empowering young women to do the same!

🌎 I lived and taught in Spain right out of college (which was ages ago now…), and have plans to live internationally again with my family one day!

πŸ’ [Something you already know] I’m married to Kristina’s brother! But, not only is she my SIL, she’s now my BFF and I love that our families have a close relationship (and our kids will grow up loving each other whether they like it or not!)

✊🏻 I believe that black lives matter, no human is illegal, and the future is female. 

And if you want to know some more... check out all these personal stories we wrote the first couple years of figuring out our business together! 

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