#13: How She Did It: Emma's Journey to Confidence

confidence mistakes podcast Sep 27, 2021
Female Athlete Elite Performance & Confidence Coach
Join basketball, volleyball, and track star Emma Behrmann as she shares her journey to confidence through the Elite Competitor Program!
Highlights include:
- How she learned to overcome mistakes and failures
- Her struggle with perfectionism and how she shifted her focus to allow for healthy striving
- The key strategy she used to break free from caring about the opinions of others
When asked what Emma would tell other athletes who are considering joining The Elite Competitor Program, she shared:

"I probably would say just do it. I mean, it completely changed my mindset and not just in sports, but in life. You need to work hard and always do the work and push yourself to be better because you won't regret it in the end and it'll all be worth it. And I would also say that it's hard at first. I think you told us that, that it gets easier as you go along, but you'll just be really happy you did the work... cause I'm happy that I did it and it shows."
Emma's story is one that your daughter can very likely relate to and her transformation is one you're not going to want to miss!!

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